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Vicki L Colvin 
Vicki  L.  Colvin 

Vicki  L.  Colvin , Rice University  

Address: P.O. Box 1892, MS-60 
City: Houston 
State: TX 
Zip: 77251 
Country: USA 
Telephone: 1-713-348-5741 
Fax: 1-713-348-2578 
Related Website: 
Brief Bio:
Dr. Vicki Colvin has been on the faculty at Rice since the fall of 1996. As a physical chemist interested in complex materials problems, her group includes a diverse range of synthetic chemists, physical chemists and applied physicists. Specific research areas include template chemistry, meso- and macroporous solids, nanocrystalline oxides, photonic band gap materials and confined glasses. Prior to her start at Rice, she was a member of the technical staff at Bell Labs where she developed new materials for holographic data storage. She received her PhD in 1994 at U.C. Berkeley under the direction of Dr. Paul Alivisatos. Her undergraduate degree, a B.S. in chemistry and physics, was completed in 1988 at Stanford University. This year she has been named an Alfred P. Sloan research fellow and a Beckman Young Investigator. Previous awards include a Research Innovation Award (Research Corporation), Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Prize, NSF-YI award, a Dreyfus New Faculty Award and the ACS Victor K. LaMer Prize. She is the author of many refereed publications, 3 patents and one book chapter.  
W.D. Kingery, H.K. Bowen, D.R. Uhlman, Introduction to Ceramics, 2nd Ed., "Chapter 10: Grain Growth, Sintering, and Vitrification", Wiley-Interscience, New York, 1976. T.J. Trentler, T.E. Denler, J.F. Bertone, A. Agrawal, V.L. Colvin, "Synthesis of TiO2 Nanocrystals by Nonhydrolytic Solution-Based Reactions". J. Am. Chem. Soc., 121 (7), 1999, 1613-1614. A. Agrawal, J. Cizeron, V.L. Colvin, "In-Situ High Temperature TEM Observations of the Formation of Nanocrystalline TiC From Nanocrystalline Anatase (TiO2)". Microscopy and Microanalysis, 4, 269-277, 1998. "Solution-state NMR studies of the surface structure and dynamics of semiconductor nanocrystals," Sachleben, J. R.; Colvin, V.; Emsley, L.; Wooten, E. W.; Alivisatos, A. P. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 1998, 102 (50), 10117-10128. 


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