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Sung H Park 
Sung  H.  Park 

Sung  H.  Park , Duke University  

Address: Duke UniversityDepartment of PhysicsBOX 90305, Science Drive  
City: Durham 
State: NC 
Zip: 27708 
Country: USA 
Telephone: (919) 668-5261  
Related Website: 
1) "One-Dimensional Hubbard model in the presence of magnetic field," Nicholas Kioussis, Armen Kocharian and Sung Ha Park, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Vol. 177-181, 575-576 (1998) (2) "Antiferromagnetism of the half-filled Anderson lattice in one-dimension," Costas Papatriantafillou, Nicholas Kioussis and Sung Ha Park, Physical Review B, Vol. 60, 13 355 (1999) (3) "The One-Dimensional periodic Anderson model: A Mean Field study," Costas Papatriantafillou, Nicholas Kioussis, Sung Ha Park and Armen Kocharian, Physica B, Vol. 259-261, 208-209 (1999) (4) "Magnetic Crossover in the one-dimensional Hubbard Model in the presence of magnetic field,'' Armen Kocharian, Nicholas Kioussis and Sung Ha Park, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Vol. 13, 6759-6772 (2001) Self-Assembled DNA Lattices and Electronic Nanostructures (5) "DNA-Templated Self-Assembly of Protein Arrays and Highly Conductive Nanowires," Hao Yan, Sung Ha Park, Gleb Finkelstein, John H. Reif and Thomas H. LaBean, Science, Vol. 301, 1882-1884 (2003) (6) "A Two State DNA Lattice Actuated by DNA Motors," Liping Feng, Sung Ha Park, John H. Reif and Hao Yan, Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 42, 4342-4346 (2003) (7) "DNA templated self-assembly of protein and nanoparticle linear arrays," Hanying Li, Sung Ha Park, John Reif, and Thomas LaBean and Hao Yan, J.Am.Chem.Soc., Vol. 126, 418-419, January (2004) (8) "DNA nanotubes self-assembled from TX tiles as templates for conducting nanowires," Dage Liu, Sung Ha Park, John Reif and Thomas LaBean, PNAS, Vol. 101, No. 3, 717-722 (2004) (9) "Electronic Nanostructures Templated on Self-assembled DNA Scaffolds," Sung Ha Park, Hao Yan, John Reif, Thomas LaBean and Gleb Finkelstein, Nanotechnology, Vol. 15, S525-S527 (2004) (10) "Programmable DNA Self-assemblies for Nanoscale Organization of Ligands and Proteins," Sung Ha Park, Peng Yin, John Reif, Thomas LaBean, and Hao Yan Submitted for publication (11) "Self-assembled DNA nanobundles as Templated for Silver Nanowires," Sung Ha Park, Hanying Li, Robert Barish, John Reif , Gleb Finkelstein, Hao Yan and Thomas LaBean Submitted for publication (12) "Metallic Nanowires Templated on Native and Synthetic double-stranded DNA Scaffolds," Sung Ha Park, John Reif, Thomas LaBean and Gleb Finkelstein, Submitted for publication (13) "Finite Length Hierarchical Assembly of Complex Superstructures from Simple DNA Tile Sets," Sung Ha Park, Sang Jung Ahn, John Reif and Thomas LaBean, Submitted for publication Journal link.  


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