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Hongkun Park
Hongkun Park

Hongkun Park, Harvard University 

Address: Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology &Department of Physics,Harvard University12 Oxford Street
City: Cambridge
State: MA
Zip: 02138
Country: USA
Telephone: 617-496-0815
Fax: 617-384-7920
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Brief Bio:
Nanometer-sized materials represent a natural size limit of the miniaturization trend of current technology, and they exhibit physical and chemical properties significantly different from their bulk counterparts. The research interest of Hongkun Park lies in developing detailed physical and chemical understanding of chemically derived nanostructures through new experimental methods and applying this knowledge to possible technological applications. Current research efforts toward these general goals are centered on two areas: (1) to study electronic, magnetic, and optical properties of individual molecules, clusters, nanowires, carbon nanotubes, and their arrays using combined transport, scanning probe and optical measurements and to develop detailed understanding of their behaviors, and (2) to develop synthesis methods for transition-metal-oxide and chalcogenide nanostructures that exhibit novel electronic and magnetic properties and to study the role of phase transitions in determining their properties at the individual nanostructure level.
Single-Crystalline Barium Titanate Nanowires," Jeffrey J. Urban, Jonathan, E. Spanier, Lian Ouyang, Wan Soo Yun, and Hongkun Park, Adv. Mater. 15, 423-426 (2003) [ view article ] "Ferroelectric Nanowires," Jonathan E. Spanier, Jeffrey J. Urban, Lian Ouyang, Wan Soo Yun, and Hongkun Park, in Nanowires and Nanobelts of Functional Materials Vol. II, Z.L. Wang (Ed.) 83-92 (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003). "Kondo resonance in a single-molecule transistor," Wenjie Liang, Matthew P. Shores, Marc Bockrath, Jeffrey R. Long and Hongkun Park, Nature 417, 725-729 (2002). [ view article ] [ News and Views ] [ C&E news story ] Ferroelectric properties of individual barium titanate nanowires investigated by scanned probe microscopy," Wan Soo Yun, Jeffrey J. Urban, Qian Gu and Hongkun Park, Nano Lett. 2, 447-450 (2002). [ view article ] [ C&E news story ]


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