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Element 1: Platinum
Structure: Spherical
Origin: Chemical Synthesis
PPMD: 5  nm
Added to NIL: 5/23/2006 5:29:00 PM
Contributor: Frank   Ernst  ,   Case Western Reserve University 

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Research Abstract:
QUANTITATIVE ASSESSMENT OF FUEL CELL CATALYST NANOPARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTIONS A fuel cell is a device for generating electricity directly and very efficiently, from gaseous or liquid fuel, without combustion. Fuel cells are similar to batteries in that they also deliver electrical power from a more info

Related Publications:
J. Cowen, L. Lucas, F. Ernst, P. Pirouz, A. Hepp, S. Bailey: J. Switzer, R. Liu, E. W. Bohannan, F. Ernst: Epitaxial Electrodeposition of a Crystalline Metal Oxide onto Single-Crystalline Silicon. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, vol. 106, pp. 12369-12372, 2002. R. Adelung, W. Hartung, F. Ernst: Fabrication of Cu-Induced Networks of Linear Nanostructures on Different Length Scales. Acta Materialia, vol. 50, pp. 4925-4933, 2002. F. Ernst: Assessing the Mechanical Strength of Interfacial more info
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