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Aluminum Nanoparticle 
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Element 1: Aluminum
Origin: Chemical Synthesis
Added to NIL: 8/17/2005 7:35:00 AM
Contributor: Bob   F   Cochrane  ,   University of Leeds 

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Research Abstract:
Determination of microstructural evolution and structure-property relationships in spray-cast ES2X and SS7X alloys. 

Related Publications:
Salamci, E.; Cochrane, R.F., Microstructure and mechanical properties of spray deposited and extruded 7000 series aluminium alloys Materials Science and Technology, 19, pp.1130-1136, 2003 Salamci, E.; Cochrane, R.F., Investigation of secondary phase particles in spray deposited 7000 series aluminium alloys Materials Science and Technology, 18, pp.1445-1452, 2002 Pratumpong, P.; Cochrane, R.F.; Evans, S.D.; Johnson, S.; Howson, M.A., Quantum interference effects in nanostructured Au Journal more info
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