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C Barry Carter 
C.  Barry  Carter 

C.  Barry  Carter , University of Minnesota  

Address: 421 Washington Ave. SE 
City: Minneapolis 
State: MN 
Zip: 55455 
Country: USA 
Telephone: 612-625-8805 
Fax: 612-626-7246 
Related Website: 
Transmission Electron Microscopy; A Textbook for Materials Science (with Dave Williams), Kluwer, New York (1996). Interfacial Engineering for Optimized Properties II (Ed. With Ernie Hall, Steve Nutt and Clyde Briant), Volume 586 of the MRS Symposium Proceedings (2000). EBSP of Ceramics Materials (with Jeff Farrer and Joe Michael) in Electron Backscatter Diffraction in Materials Science, Eds Adam Schwartz, Mukel Kumar and Brent Adams (Plenum, New York) (2000). Structure-Property Relationships of Oxide Surfaces and Interfaces II (with K.B. Alexander, R.W. Grimes, X. Pan and T.E. Woods) Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 751 (2003). Kinetic of Solid State Reactions in an External Applied Electric Field (with C. Korte, N. Ravishankar, and H. Schmalzried), Solid State Ionics 148, 111 (2002). Dislocations at Spinel Surfaces (with S.V. Yanina), Surface Sci. 551, 133 (2002). Indentation Deformation and Fracture of Thin Polystyrene Films (with M. Li, M.L. Palacio, and W.W. Gerberich), Thin Solid Films 416(1-2), 174 (2002). Structure of the (001) Antiphase Boundary in Gallium Phosphide (with D. Cohen), J. Microsc. 208, 84 (2002). Dewetting of Liquids on Ceramic Surfaces at High Temperatures (with Ravishankar and S.R. Gilliss), Microsc. Microanal. 84(4), 257 (2002). Interplay Between Gas Adsorption and Dislocation Structure on a Metal Surface (with J. de la Figuera N.C. Bartelt, and R.Q. Hwang), Surface Sci. 53(1), 29 (2003). 


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