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Pratim Biswas 
Pratim  Biswas 

Pratim  Biswas , Washington University  

Address: One Brookings Drive,  
City: St. Louis 
State: MO 
Zip: 63130 
Country: USA 
Telephone: (314)-935-5482 
Fax: (314)-935-5464 
Related Website: 
Brief Bio:
Dr. Biswas is an internationally renowned aerosol scientist. His research interests are in aerosol science and engineering, air quality and pollution control, environmental nanotechnology and benign synthesis of novel materials. His research focuses on understanding the formation and growth of particles in high temperature environments and using this understanding at either producing novel nanostructured materials, or preventing the emission of harmful ultrafine particles. He has graduated 20 doctoral students to date, published more than 150 articles and has been invited to lecture at many universities and agencies worldwide 
Almquist C. and Biswas P.: "Role of synthesis method and particle size of nanostructured titanium dioxide on its photoactivity", J. of Catalysis, vol. 212 (2), 145-156, 2002. Kulkarni P. and Biswas P. "Morphology of Nanostructured Films for Environmental Applications: Simulation of Simultaneous Sintering and Growth", J.of Nanoparticle Research, vol. 5 (3-4): 259-268, 2003. Biswas P., Choi M., Fissan H., Okuyama K., Pui D. and Schoonman, J. "International Symposium on ‘Nanoparticles: Aerosols and Materials", Pusan, Korea, July 5-6, 2001", J. Nanoparticle Res., vol. 5, 573-576, 2003. Rodriguez S., Almquist C., Tai Gyu Lee, T.G.; Furuuchi M.; Hedrick E. and Biswas P.: “A Mechanistic Model for Mercury Capture with In Situ Generated Titania Particles: Role of Water Vapor, J. Air and Waste Mgmt. Associn., vol. 54, 149-156, 2004. Lee T.G., Biswas P. and Hedrick E.: “Overall Kinetics of Heterogenous Elemental Mercury Reactions on TiO2 Sorbent Particles with UV Irradiation”, Ind. Engr. Chem. Res., vol. 43 (6), 1411-1417, 2004. Tsai C.J., Chen D., Chein H.M., Chen S.C., Roth J.L., Hsu, Y.D., Li W. and Biswas P., “Theoretical and experimental study of an axial flow cyclone for fine particle removal in vacuum conditions”, J. Aerosol Sci., vol. 35, 1105-1118, 2004. Kulkarni P. and Biswas P., “A Brownian dynamics simulation to predict morphology of nanoparticle deposits in the presence of interparticle interactions”, Aerosol Sci. Technol., vol. 38, 541-554, 2004.  


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