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Evident Technologies Logo 

, Evident Technologies  

Address: 216 River Street 
City: Troy 
State: NY 
Zip: 12180 
Country: USA 
Telephone: 518.273.6266 
Fax: 518.273.6267 
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Brief Bio:
Overview Evident Technologies, Inc. is a nanotechnology manufacturing and application company that draws upon semiconductor nanocrystal expertise to develop sophisticated, cost effective, innovative devices and products. Our products have applicability in biotechnology, optical switching, and computing, telecommunications, energy and other fields. We have eliminated the scientific risks associated with producing uniform, high quality semiconductor nanocrystals materials that form the basis for our products. Core Technology We have perfected a "green chemistry" method for mass-producing extremely high quality, low cost semiconductor nanocrystals. Semiconductor nanocrystals are tiny crystals ranging in size from 2 nanometers (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter) to 30 nanometers or roughly the size of 5 to 75 atoms in diameter. Due to the extremely small size of the crystals, the material has properties between that of molecules and bulk materials. These properties provide unique opportunities to modify the material, thereby enabling Evident to produce "designer atoms," customized for particular applications through atomic-level manipulation. Specifically, we can engineer the properties of the material by altering the composition and size of these tiny nano-structures (see picture to right). These properties include absorption, fluorescence, non-linear refractive index, non-linear absorption and electro- and magneto-optic effects. As an example, our biotech applications use EviDots™ that are tuned to fluoresce a particular color in the visible range and are used as replacements for traditional molecular dyes. Our telecom applications use lead-based EviDots™ that have had the absorption characteristics tuned, rather than the fluorescence characteristics, leading to ultra-fast optical switching. We have assembled a world-class team of nanocrystal experts and have developed compelling products based on this technology. We develop and manufacture world-class nanocrystals that are engineered for and incorporated into innovative devices for high value products. Products Our lead product is simply the sale of nanocrystals or EviDots™ in various solvents to qualified researchers. The second product being brought to market is a fluorescent biomarker based on an avidin molecule tagged with a particular nanocrystal, known as our EviFluor™ product line. Future products are molecular biology testing devices that can detect the presence and/or quantity of a particular pathogen or genetic defect. Evident's microarray, EviArray™, is based on color-multiplexed EviDots™ attached to specifically designed oligo sequences and attached to a chip to form a pre-labeled, oligo probe array. Business Strategy Our strategy is to utilize our expertise in nanotechnology materials to develop compelling products that are unattainable using commercially available materials. Our initial product lines are centered on light-to-light interactions for biotechnology and optical computing. We are researching and developing, electro-optical based devices, such as energy storage and conversion devices, which are logical extensions of our development efforts. The figure to the left shows the potential applications for the nanocrystal material that we are exploring. Our strategy is to develop the biotechnology product lines first, followed by telecom, lighting and other applications. We have already made great strides in proving the utility of our semiconductor nanocrystals for many applications and are in continuous development of the technology for a variety of applications.  
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