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The listings below include institutions, companies and individuals having nanoparticles listed in the NIL.

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Advanced Nanotechnology Limited Hosmane , Narayan  S. 
Northern Illinois University 
Evident Technologies Iijima , Sumio 
NEC Corporation, Tsukuba Research Laboratories 
Helix Material Solutions Kitchens , Christopher  L. 
Auburn University / Georgia Tech 
NaBond Technologies Limited Kotov , Nicholas  A. 
University of Michigan 
NanoScale Materials, Inc. Krauss , Todd  D. 
University of Rochester  
NTbase Krumeich , Frank 
ETH Zürich,Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry 
Thomas Swan and Co Ltd. Luo , Jian 
Clemson University 
Aardahl , Chris 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
Manning , Thomas  J 
Valdosta State University 
Ajayan , Pulickel  M 
Rensselaer (RPI) 
Miller , Arthur  L 
CDC-NIOSH-Spokane Res. Lab 
Aziz , Michael  J 
Harvard University 
Nann , Thomas 
University of East Anglia 
Batich , Christopher 
University of Florida 
O'Brien , Stephen  P 
Columbia University 
Biswas , Pratim 
Washington University 
Park , Hongkun 
Harvard University 
Buhro , William  E. 
Washington University 
Park , Sung  H. 
Duke University 
Campbell , Stephen  A 
University of Minnesota 
Rai , Ashish 
University of Maryland/ University of Minnesota 
Carnahan , David  L 
Nano Lab, Inc. 
Rao , Apparao  M. 
Clemson University 
Carter , C.  Barry 
University of Minnesota 
Smalley , Richard  E 
Rice University 
Chen , Shaowei 
University of California Santa Cruz 
Spanier , Jonathan  E. 
Drexel University  
Colvin , Vicki  L. 
Rice University 
Strano , Michael 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Dekker , Cees 
Delft University of Technology 
Strongin , Daniel  R. 
Temple University 
DeStasio , Gelsomina 
University of Wisconsin 
Tse , Stephen  D. 
Rutgers University-Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  
Drake , Pam 
Wang , Yulan 
Chinese Academy of Sciences 
El-Sayed , Mostafa  A. 
Georgia Institute of Technology 
Wang , Zhong  Lin 
Georgia Tech 
Ernst , Frank 
Case Western Reserve University 
Weiss , Shimon 
Fischer , Jack (John) 
University of Pennsylvania 
Wiesner , Ulrich 
Cornell University 
Fontbberta i Morral , Anna 
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) 
Wong , Michael 
Wong Research Group, Rice University 
Gole , James  L. 
Georgia Tech 
Yang , Peidong 
University of California Berkeley 
Grimes , Craig  A 
Penn State University 
Zhang , Yong 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

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