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Health and Safety Report

Silver Nanoparticles 
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Element 1: Silver
Element 2: Lead
Element 3: Zinc
Element 4: Titanium
Structure: Agglomerated Spheres
Origin: Furnace Emissions
PPMD: 5  nm
AMD: 100  nm
Added to NIL: 8/2/2006 5:54:00 PM
Contributor: Arthur   L   Miller  ,   CDC-NIOSH-Spokane Res. Lab 

Note: Listed below are links to databases which may contain information pertinent to this type of nanoparticle.
Nano Material Info Bulk Material Info
Nano MSDS:
Incidental nanomaterial-no MSDS
Nano Exposure Limits:
For more information check the ICON results for "Exposure".
Nano Toxicity:
The effects of different types of nanoparticles on these cells were evaluated by light microscopy, and by cell proliferation and standard cytotoxicity assays. Results demonstrate a concentration-dependent toxicity for all types of particles tested. Whereas the corresponding soluble salts had no significant effect, silver nanoparticles were the most toxic. see the complete ICON abstract

Incidental nanomaterial-no MSDS
Bulk Exposure Limits:
[See NIOSH Pocket Guide]
Pocket Guide for Silver
Pocket Guide for Lead
Pocket Guide for Zinc
Pocket Guide for Titanium

Bulk Toxicity:
[See RTECS links in NIOSH Pocket Guide]

For Nanomaterial Safe Handling Tips: Click Here.

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