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Health and Safety Report

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Element 1: Gold
Structure: Films
Origin: Chemical Synthesis
PPMD: 24  nm
Added to NIL: 7/20/2005 9:10:00 AM
Contributor: Michael   J   Aziz  ,   Harvard University 

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Nano MSDS:
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Nano Exposure Limits:
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Nano Toxicity:
The role of alveolar macrophages in the fate of ultrafine particles in the lung was investigated. Male Wistar-Kyoto rats were exposed to ultrafine gold particles, generated by a spark generator, for 6 h at a concentration of 88 mu g/m 3 (4 x 10(6)/cm(3) , 16 nm modal mobility diameter). By inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry analysis of the lung, 1945 +/- 57 ng (mean +/- SD) and 1512 +/- 184 ng of gold were detected on day 0 and on day 7, respectively, indicating that a large portion of the deposited gold particles was retained in the lung tissue. In the lavage fluid, 573 +/- 67 ng and 96 +/- 29 ng were found on day 0 and day 7, respectively, which means that 29% and 6% of the retained gold particles were lavageable on these days. A low but significant increase of gold (0.03 to 0.06% of lung concentration) was found in the blood. Small vesicles containing gold particles were found in the cytoplasm of alveolar macrophages. In the alveolar septum, the gold particles were enclosed in vesicles observed in the cytoplasm of alveolar type I epithelial cells. These results indicate that inhaled ultrafine gold particles in alveolar macrophages and type I epithelial cells are processed by endocytotic pathways, though the uptake of the gold particles by alveolar macrophages is limited. (Abstract Truncated) For the complete ICON abstract

Material used in synthesis
Bulk Exposure Limits:
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Bulk Toxicity:
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