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Health and Safety Report

Silicon Nanoparticle 
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Element 1: Silicon
Structure: Crystalline
PPMD: 59  nm
Added to NIL: 8/16/2005 9:01:00 AM
Contributor: Stephen   A   Campbell  ,   University of Minnesota 

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Nano MSDS:
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Nano Exposure Limits:
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Nano Toxicity:
To compare the pulmonary toxicity between ultrafine colloidal silica particles (UFCSs) and fine colloidal silica particles (FCSs), mice were intratracheally instilled with 3 mg of 14 nm UFCSs and 230 nm FCSs. Histopathologically, lungs exposed to both sizes of particles showed bronchiolar degeneration and necrosis, neutrophilic inflammation in alveoli with alveolar type II cell swelling and particle-laden alveolar macrophage accumulation. UFCSs, however, induced extensive alveolar hemorrhage compared to FCSs from 30 minutes onwards. UFCSs also caused more severe bronchiolar epithelial cell necrosis and neutrophil influx in alveoli than FCSs at 12 and 24 hours postexposure. These findings suggest that UFCSs have greater ability to induce lung inflammation and tissue damages than FCSs
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Chemical used in synthesis
Bulk Exposure Limits:
[See NIOSH Pocket Guide]
Pocket Guide for Silicon

Bulk Toxicity:
RTECS for Silane

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