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welding fume particle 
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Element 1: Carbon
Element 2: Iron
Element 3: Chromium
Element 4: Manganese
Structure: Agglomerated Spheres
Origin: Flame combustion
PPMD: 15  nm
AMD: 200  nm
Added to NIL: 3/16/2006 11:00:00 AM
Contributor: Pam   Drake  ,   NIOSH-SRL 

Research Abstract:
Pam Drake and Doug Scott at the NIOSH Spokane Research Lab are investigating mine workers exposure to welding fume during the task of welding  

Other Related Info:
In the original high resolution TEM images of the fume, it is possible to see a wide variety of primary particle structures including primary particles as small as 2-5nm and as large as 200nm 

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