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Nanoparticle Report

Silver Nanoparticles 
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Element 1: Silver
Element 2: Lead
Element 3: Zinc
Element 4: Titanium
Structure: Agglomerated Spheres
Origin: Furnace Emissions
PPMD: 5  nm
AMD: 100  nm
Added to NIL: 8/2/2006 5:54:00 PM
Contributor: Arthur   L   Miller  ,   CDC-NIOSH-Spokane Res. Lab 

Research Abstract:
These particles were collected during a health and safety assessment at a metal refinery. Included in this work was a full assessment and characterization of the ambient aerosols. Silver nanoparticles were collected from ambient air during the melting and refinement of silver. Many of the nanoparticles contained other trace metallic substances including zinc, titanium, selenium and lead. Particle number concentrations exceeded 10^7 particles/cc near the melting furnaces.  less info

Related Data:
Particle size distribution data was also collected during this study. 

Related Publications:
Lee, D., Miller, A., Kittelson, D.B., and M.R. Zachariah, 2005. “Characterization of Metal-bearing Diesel Nanoparticles Using Single Particle Mass Spectrometry”, Journal of Aerosol Science, vol 37/1, pp88-110. D. Lee, A. Miller, M. Zachariah and D. B. Kittelson, 2004. “Single Particle Mass Spectrometry of Metal-Bearing Diesel Nanoparticles”. ACS Symposium Series No. 890- Nanotechnology and the Environment: Applications and Implications. Chapter 17, pp142-151, ISBN: 0-8412-3877-4. Donggeun Lee, more info
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