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Element 1: Carbon
Element 2: Iron
Structure: Agglomerated Spheres
Origin: Engine emissions
PPMD: 20  nm
AMD: 60  nm
Added to NIL: 8/2/2006 5:13:00 PM
Contributor: Arthur   L   Miller  ,   CDC-NIOSH-Spokane Res. Lab 

Research Abstract:
Adverse health effects have been associated with diesel particulate matter (DPM), but the causal mechanisms are unclear. One recent theory points at ultrafine particles because of their high lung-penetration efficiency and significant surface area, while another theory suggests that the presence more info

Other Related Info:
The agglomerate mean diameter ranged between 20nm and 200nm and was dependent on the ppm of the particles. 

Related Publications:
Lee, D., Miller, A., Kittelson, D.B., and M.R. Zachariah, 2005. “Characterization of Metal-bearing Diesel Nanoparticles Using Single Particle Mass Spectrometry”, Journal of Aerosol Science, vol 37/1, pp88-110. D. Lee, A. Miller, M. Zachariah and D. B. Kittelson, 2004. “Single Particle Mass Spectrometry of Metal-Bearing Diesel Nanoparticles”. ACS Symposium Series No. 890- Nanotechnology and the Environment: Applications and Implications. Chapter 17, pp142-151, ISBN: 0-8412-3877-4. Donggeun Lee, more info
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