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Element 1: Carbon
Structure: Other
Origin: Chemical Synthesis
Added to NIL: 6/22/2007 4:06:00 PM
Contributor: David   L   Carnahan  ,   Nano Lab, Inc. 

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Research Abstract:
NanoLab prepares BuckyPaper, a sheet form of our carbon nanotubes, in various sizes and thickness for your research and development needs. BuckyPaper is made from our 95% BPD15L520 product, and can be made from other nanotube types on request. Preparation: To prepare the BuckyPaper sheet, nanotubes are suspended in a fluid, then filtered onto a membrane support. After drying, the paper is removed from the support, leaving a free-standing paper. Porosity & flow: Standard BuckyPaper is ~50% dense, and can be tailored for particular applications. Our testing shows that standard BuckyPaper excludes the passage of colloidal particles ~50nm and larger. Electrical: The resistance of BuckyPaper was measured by sputtering gold contacts on a strip of nanotube paper with dimensions 3.3mm wide by 0.13mm thick. The two point resistance measured over a 7.8mm gap was ~18ohms. The resistivity of the paper is ~ 0.1 ohm-cm. Mechanical: BuckyPaper can be folded, cut with scissors, like notebook paper. We are currently investigating its mechanical properties after infiltrating the paper with epoxy base matrix phases. Check here for more data in 2006. Usage: Electrochemical electrodes, filters, scaffolds, cell culturing, composites.   less info

Related Publications:
Maogen Zheng, Audrey Smith, Waldemar Gorski "Carbon Nanotube-Chitosan System for Electrochemical Sensing Based on Dehydrogense Enzymes" Anal. Chem., 3, 76 (2004); 5045-5050. Sofia Sotiropoulou, Nikolas A. Chaniotakis "Carbon Nanotube Array-Based Biosensor" Anal Bioanal Chem, 375 (2003); 103-105. Kempa, K. et al. "Photonic Crystals Based on Periodic Arrays of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes" Nano Letters, 3, 1 (2003); 13-18. Lynch, M. and Patrick, D. "Organizing Carbon Nanotubes with Liquid Crystals" more info
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