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Element 1: Gold
Structure: Films
Origin: Chemical Synthesis
PPMD: 24  nm
Added to NIL: 7/20/2005 9:10:00 AM
Contributor: Michael   J   Aziz  ,   Harvard University 

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Research Abstract:
Nanoporous gold made by selective dissolution of silver from Ag-Au alloys immersed in nitric acid. (A) cross-section of dealloyed Au32%Ag68% thin film. (B) Plan-view of dealloyed Au26%Ag74% bulk material. The porosity is open and ligament spacings as small as 5 nm have been observed. Measurements more info


J.D. Erlebacher, M.J. Aziz, A. Karma, N. Dmitrov, and K. Sieradzki, " Evolution of Nanoporosity in Dealloying ", Nature410, 450 

Related Publications:
153. C.B. Arnold and M.J. Aziz, "Kinetic Modeling of Dopant and Impurity Surface Segregation During Vapor Phase Growth: Multiple Mechanism Approach", Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings749, W14.3 (2003). 152. J.M. Warrender and M.J. Aziz, “Evolution of Ag Nanocrystal Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition”, accepted for publication in Applied Physics A. 151. W. Barvosa-Carter, M.J. Aziz, A.-V. Phan, T. Kaplan and L.J. Gray, "Interfacial Roughening During Solid Phase Epitaxy: Interaction more info
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