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Abstract: Our method uses an electrochemical cleaning technique that disrupts and removes the native layer of titanium dioxide that...

Structure: Spherical 

Origin: Other 

Primary Element: Titanium 

Contributor: Colin    R   Pulham  University of Edinburgh  

Added to NIL: 3/3/2005 

Abstract: This article reviews the most recent progress in the synthesis of polar-surface dominated semi-conducting and piezoelectric...

Structure: Other 

Origin: Other 

Primary Element: Zinc 

Contributor: Zhong    Lin   Wang  Georgia Tech  

Added to NIL: 7/20/2005 

Abstract: The structure devices, made by using this nano SiC powder, have high hardness, high wear resistance and good self-greasing...

Structure: Other 

Origin: Other 

Primary Element: Silicon 

Contributor: NaBond Technologies Limited  

Added to NIL: 5/22/2007 

Abstract: Synthesis of a stable form of exfoliated graphite (EG) is described. EG was prepared from the Graphite Intercalation Compound...

Structure: Nano Tubes 

Origin: Other 

Primary Element: Carbon 

Contributor: Thomas    J   Manning  Valdosta State University  

Added to NIL: 6/14/2007 

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