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Abstract: Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are synthesized utilizing novel, electrically-enhanced, oxy-fuel flame-based, catalytic chemical...

Structure: Nano Tubes 

Origin: Chemical Vapor Deposition 

Primary Element: Carbon 

Contributor: Stephen    D.   Tse  Rutgers University-Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering   

Added to NIL: 9/1/2005 

Abstract: Substituted C(2)B(10) carborane cages have been successfully attached to the side walls of single-wall carbon nanotubes...

Structure: Nano Tubes 

Origin: Chemical Synthesis 

Primary Element: Carbon 

Contributor: Narayan    S.   Hosmane  Northern Illinois University  

Added to NIL: 8/15/2006 

Abstract: Vanadium oxide nanotubes (VOx-NTs) are easily accessible as a pure product in gram quantities by a low-temperature, soft...

Structure: Nano Tubes 

Origin: Chemical Synthesis 

Primary Element: Vanadium 

Contributor: Frank    Krumeich  ETH Zürich,Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry  

Added to NIL: 11/20/2006 

Abstract: Synthesis of a stable form of exfoliated graphite (EG) is described. EG was prepared from the Graphite Intercalation Compound...

Structure: Nano Tubes 

Origin: Other 

Primary Element: Carbon 

Contributor: Thomas    J   Manning  Valdosta State University  

Added to NIL: 6/14/2007 

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